What Wheels Interchange with Jeep Grand Cherokee

Changing the wheels on a vehicle can significantly change its overall appearance. In addition, there are specific changes that can improve the performance of the car. However, figuring out which wheels are interchangeable can be challenging, especially with Jeep wheels. Luckily, there are several wheels that are easily interchangeable with the Jeep Grand Cherokee. 

Wheels that are interchangeable with the Jeep Grand Cherokee include the Jeep Wrangler, Liberty, Gladiator, and J Series. There are also vehicles aside from Jeeps that are interchangeable with the Grand Cherokee, including certain Lincoln and Mercury models. However, it can be almost impossible to interchange Jeep wheels with Dodge and Ford wheels. 

This article will provide everything you need to know about interchanging Jeep wheels with other Jeep models as well as with other vehicles. We will cover which wheels are the best options to interchange with the Grand Cherokee and which options you should avoid. 

What Wheels Are Interchangeable With The Jeep Grand Cherokee 

There are several wheels that are interchangeable with the Jeep Grand Cherokee, including certain:

  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Wagoneer
  • Jeep Liberty
  • Lincoln
  • Jeep Gladiator
  • Jeep J Series 
  • Mercury
Jeep Wrangler has a interchangeable wheel

These are just to name a few. You can use almost any wheels that are the correct size and have the same bolt pattern. 

Why Interchange Wheels? 

Many interchange the wheels on their vehicle simply to change the look of the car. For example, adding a different wheel type can make it look tougher, more sporty, etc. However, there are several benefits to interchanging your wheels aside from appearance. 

Interchanging wheels can improve handling, braking, and traction. For example, exchanging a smaller wheel for a slightly larger one can make the vehicle handle better. 

In addition, a slightly larger wheel on the back than is on the front can improve traction under heavy acceleration. This method is a popular option for vehicles that are used for racing, as it also helps to stabilize the car when coming out of a sharp turn. 

How Do You Fix Jeep Cherokee?

There may be times that you run into problems with your Jeep Cherokee that you need to fix. When this happens, the easiest way to resolve the issue is to have it repaired at the dealership. However, there are cases where you can easily handle the repair yourself if you have the ability. 

First, you’ll need to determine precisely what is causing the problem and what you should do to fix it. Then, as always, you should research how to perform the repair and what tools you’ll need to complete the job to determine whether you can do it or if you should seek help from a professional. 

Are Jeep and Ford Wheels Interchangeable?

Most Jeep and Ford wheels are not interchangeable. For wheels to be interchangeable, the bolt pattern, offset, and hub size needs to be the same. In addition, the wheel diameter should be the same to avoid the tire scrubbing.  

Most Ford and Jeep wheels match up when looking at these things. However, you can sometimes modify the wheels to make them work. These modifications usually involve adding spacers and adapters. 

For example, there are some Jeep and Ford wheels that are interchangeable. The combinations that are interchangeable are generally older model vehicles. To interchange these wheels, you will need to widen the center of the wheel, along with other modifications. 

The downside to adding these modifications is that they can have adverse effects on the performance of your vehicle. In some cases, they can negatively affect the braking and steering of the car. 

What Rims Go with the Jeep Grand Cherokee? 

Most of the Grand Cherokee models come stock with 17-inch rims. However, some have 18 and 20-inch rims. These larger rims are mostly on newer Cherokee models. In addition, many of the older Cherokees have 16-inch rims. 

Here are a few examples of rims that go with the Jeep Grand Cherokee:

  • Wagoneer XJ
  • Comanche MJ
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Cherokee XJ

You can sometimes add rims that are slightly larger than factory. However, you may have to add tire spacers if there’s not enough room in the wheel wells to accommodate the larger tires. 

Rims that are the same size and bolt pattern will work on the Jeep Grand Cherokee without the need for modifications. 

What Has The Same Bolt Pattern As Jeep Grand Cherokee?

In addition to the rim size being the same, the bolt pattern must also match the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Most Grand Cherokees have a bolt pattern of 5x127mm (5x5in). However, some older models have a bolt pattern of 5×114.3mm (5×4.5in). 

Some vehicles that have the same bolt pattern as the Jeep Grand Cherokee include:

  • Jeep Wrangler 
  • Wagoneer XJ
  • Comanche MJ

You can also find this bolt pattern on many Chevrolet vehicles that were made after 1971. 

Bolt Patterns for the Jeep Grand Cherokee

Year Modelmmin
1993-19985×114.3mm5×4.5 in
1999-20105x127mm5×5 in
2011-20205×1275×5 in

However, these are only a few examples. If you have a specific wheel in mind, you can compare the bolt pattern to the table above.  You should also keep in mind that there are many other important factors that determine whether the wheels are compatible.

What is the Correct Size of Tires for my Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The correct tire size for your Jeep Grand Cherokee will depend on the exact year, model and trim. 

The most common tire sizes for the Grand Cherokee include:

  • P265/50SR20 
  • P245/70TR17 
  • P265/60TR18

Making sure you have the correct size tire for your Cherokee is very important. If you have the wrong size, it can make the vehicle handle poorly. In addition, it can sometimes cause damage to the wheel hub, brakes, and other essential things.

If you cannot find the correct tire size for your specific model, you can usually find this information in the manual. 

What Is The Wheel Drive System Of Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Put simply, the wheel drive system has to do with the type of traction control your Gran Cherokee has. Jeep Grand Cherokees come with one of several different drive systems. Which system it has depends on the exact model. 

The majority of them feature one of three 4-wheel drive systems- the Quadra-Trac I, Quadra-Trac 2, or Quadra-Drive II systems. Each of these systems offers unique capabilities.

Of these, the Quadra-Trac I system comes standard in most newer 4×4 Jeep Grand Cherokee Limited models. This system is rear-wheel based, meaning that the rear axle is given slightly more power than the front. 

When buying a newer Jeep, there is an optional upgrade to the Quadra-Trac II system. Under normal conditions, this upgraded system features the same power distribution between the front and rear axles. However, this one has the ability to shift all of the power to either axle when needed. 

Can You Put Bigger Tires On Jeep Grand Cherokee Without a Lift?

You can put bigger tires on a Jeep Grand Cherokee without adding a lift kit. On older models, you may be able to add a slightly larger tire without any additional modifications. However, much larger tires will require tire spacers to ensure they do not scrub. 

Tire spacers offer a way to add larger tires for a lower price than adding a lift kit to your Jeep. 

You can add slip-on spacers that are easier to install, but many argue that these are not the best option. However, this option adds more stress to the suspension, and many say that they’re not the safest option. 

The better option is to add bolt-on tire spacers. These spacers bolt onto the Jeep’s factory studs, while they have their own set of studs that the rims attach to. This design puts less stress on the suspension because it supports the additional weight in a better way. 

Can I Fit Jeep Wheels on Other Vehicles? 

Jeep wheels will fit certain other vehicles. However, finding a match that will not require any modifications to make them work may be tricky. This is because of the unique design of Jeep wheels. 

With modifications, there are several vehicles that you may be able to put Jeep wheels. For example, many have successfully swapped the wheels on their Ford Rangers for Jeep Wheels. Other possible matches include certain Lincoln and Wagoneer vehicles. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Jeep Wheels Fit Fords?

Jeep wheels will fit certain Ford vehicles with the same bolt pattern, spacing, etc. It’s usually a simpler task to find older models that are compatible. 

In newer model Jeeps and Fords, on the other hand,  it is much harder to find wheels that will match up. 

Will Ram Wheels Fit Jeeps?

Ram wheel will not fit a jeep. This is because of the significant difference in the bolt patterns of the two wheels. 

There is also a significant difference in the hub diameter on most models. This means that they’re not likely to work, even if you find an adapter kit to work around the bolt pattern difference. 

What Lug Pattern is a 99 Jeep Cherokee? 

The 1999 Jeep Cherokee has a lug pattern of 5x5in (5x127mm). 

The 1999 model was the first year of the Cherokee that had this pattern. The models that are older than this have a lug pattern of 5×4.5 (5×114.3mm).

Will Dodge Rims Fit Chevys?

In their original state, Doge Rims will not fit Chevy vehicles. There are some model Dodge and Chevy vehicles that have the same bolt pattern, but they’re still not likely to work. 

The issue with these two rims is that the center hole on the Chevy rims is much smaller than the Dodge rims. 


If you’re looking to change the wheels on your Jeep Grand Cherokee, there are many options. Some wheels will match up on their own. In addition, there are many attractive aftermarket options that are compatible with the Grand Cherokee. 

There are several others that can be used by adding tire spacers and adapter kits to accommodate a differing bolt pattern. However, you should do your research about the negative things these additions can cause and weigh the pros and cons of doing so. 

While some swaps can have a negative impact on performance, others can improve certain aspects

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