5 Lightest Cruiser Motorcycles For Women [& Men]

If you are interested in a lightweight cruiser motorcycle, this guide can be a useful resource in helping you choose the right bike for you. Lightweight motorcycles are generally easier to control, making them a great choice for new riders to get more comfortable while riding.

The best lightweight Cruiser-style motorcycle is the Honda Rebel 300. The Honda Rebel 300 is one of the most popular motorcycles currently on the market and weighs a remarkably light 370 pounds. This is a great option for new and veteran riders and offers precision control due to the lightweight design of the bike.

Lightest Cruiser Motorcycles

Make And ModelWeight (pounds)
Honda Rebel 300370
MV Agusta F3 675380
Suzuki Boulevard S40380
Harley Davidson ABS Sportster Iron 883560
Honda Rebel 500415

That being said, there are several other popular, extremely lightweight motorcycles currently available. If you are a new rider looking to buy your first motorcycle, you should highly consider one that is lightweight as they are generally easier to handle.

This list has gathered the top five lightest cruiser-style motorcycles for you to compare when considering the purchase of a lightweight bike. This list is in descending order, with the Honda Rebel 300 taking the top spot.

1. Honda Rebel 300

The Honda Rebel 300 is one of the lightest motorcycles currently on the market. This has proven to be a big draw for consumers who are looking to purchase a motorcycle but may not have much riding experience.

The Honda Rebel is impressive because it made no concessions in power or performance to achieve this low weight. It is a popular choice among track and street riders and features an extremely powerful and efficient 300cc engine. It weighs in at only 370 pounds, which is light compared to the average weight of a motorcycle.

You can purchase the 2022 Honda Rebel 300 for $4599. This is one of the cheapest options that Honda offers for an entry-level racing bike. Additional information regarding the Honda Rebel 300 can be found in the table below.

Honda Rebel 300
Miles Per Gallon67
Engine Power300cc
Weight370 pounds
Fuel Capacity2.9  gallons

2. MV Agusta F3 675

If you do not mind applying and being put on a long waiting list, the MV Agusta is one of the most powerful, lightweight, and exclusive bikes that you can own. MV Agusta only produces 400 bikes a year for consumers to purchase.

This means that to get one, you will have to first apply and hope that your name is selected. If you are selected you will be able to purchase one of the unique 400 MV Agusta F3 675 bikes made that year.

It is one of the most lightweights motorcycles on this list without giving up any power from its 675cc engine. If you wish to own one of the rarest motorcycles in America, then you should consider applying for the wait list for the MV Agusta F3 675.

If you are selected to purchase an MV Agusta F3 675, then you can expect to pay $16,300 for your bike. This is a little pricier than other bikes on this list but it is well worth it for the power and features that you will get with the MV Agusta F3 675. Additional spec information can be found in the table below.

MV Agusta F3 675
Miles Per Gallon40
Engine Power675cc
Weight380 pounds
Fuel Capacity4.4 gallons

3. Suzuki Boulevard S40

The Suzuki Boulevard S40 is one of the lightweight cruiser-style bikes offered by Suzuki. Weighing only 381 pounds, this bike features a lightweight frame, making it a great choice for new riders. It is one of the easiest bikes to find aftermarket parts making it a practice choice for new riders as well.

It features a powerful 650cc single-cylinder engine that has enough power to give riders an exciting experience without the risk of overwhelming new riders. Because of its lightweight design, it is extremely easy to control.

You can purchase a Suzuki Boulevard S40 for $5799. This is a good price for a starter cruiser bike. Additional spec information can be found in the table below.

Suzuki Boulevard S40
Miles Per Gallon32
Engine Power650cc
Weight380 pounds
Fuel Capacity2.6 gallons

4. Harley Davidson ABS Sportster Iron 883

As far as Harley Davidson goes, the Iron 883 is one of their lightest offerings. It is one of the easiest Harley-Davidsons to control, with a weight of only 560 pounds. These bikes are based on the popular Sportster model that Harley Davidson offers and features a powerful 883cc air-cooled V-twin engine. This bike is more than powerful enough to deliver an exhilarating riding experience while not proving too powerful for new riders.

It is also one of the more affordable models of Harley, making it a great starter bike to enter the world of Harley Davidson. The Iron 883 comes packed with advanced safety features, high-performance torque, and all of the high-quality components that you would come to expect from a Harley Davidson bike.

You can purchase the Harley Davidson Iron 883 for only $8999, which is much cheaper than most of the bikes that Harley Davidson has to offer. Additional information regarding the Harley Davidson Iron 883 can be found in the table below.

Harley Davidson Iron 883
Miles Per Gallon36
Engine Power883cc
Weight560 pounds
Fuel Capacity4 gallons

5. Honda Rebel 500

The Honda Rebel is a little heavier than the 300 version that made the top of the list. This additional weight does not affect the ease of control with the bike. The Honda Rebel 500 features upgraded electrical components and quality of life features.

It features a powerful 471cc engine that is powerful enough for veteran riders to enjoy but not enough to overwhelm new riders. This makes it a great choice for new or intermediate riders looking to purchase a new bike.

Honda Rebel 500
Honda Rebel 500

You can purchase the 2022 Honda Rebel 500 for $6500. This is a great price for a low-noise emission motorcycle that comes packed with all the features you would expect from a 2022 model bike. Additional spec information on the Honda Rebel 500 can be found in the table below.

Honda Rebel 500
Miles Per Gallon67
Engine Power408cc
Weight415 pounds
Fuel Capacity2.9  gallons

Light Vs Heavy Motorcycle

If you are wondering whether you should purchase a lighter or heavier motorcycle, it will all depend on your unique riding preferences. You should consider the type of riding experience you have and the conditions that you will be riding your bike under.

If you are a new rider, it is best to start with a bike with a lighter weight, as they are generally easier to control. A lighter bike is also more accommodating in heavy traffic or densely populated areas. As cruiser bikes are generally heavier than other types of bikes, finding one that is lightweight enough for you to comfortably control is important.

If you prefer long, cross-country touring on your bike, then a heavier motorcycle will be more adept at this task. Heavier motorcycles are more comfortable for the user at high speed over long distances. They are most stable at higher speeds than lightweight bikes, making them a safer option for long highway driving.

If you have some riding experience, then you will likely enjoy a heavier motorcycle while doing long stretches of high-speed riding. No matter which type of bike you choose, it is important that you make an informed choice based on your riding preferences and experience level.

Any motorcycle over the 450 pounds mark can be considered heavy. All of the cruiser-style motorcycles contained in this list fall under the 450-pound limit with the exception of the Harley Davidson Iron 883, which is considered lightweight for a Harley.

Final Thoughts

This guide has provided you with all of the information you need to narrow down your search for a lightweight bike to only the top five currently available. All of the bikes on this list are considerably more lightweight than other bikes on the market.

All of these cruiser-style motorcycles have a considerably lighter weight than most bikes on the market today. A lighter bike is easier to control and manage on the road, making them a great choice for new and veteran riders alike.

Should you be considering the purchase of a lightweight motorcycle, this guide will help ensure that you pick one that meets all of your specific wants and needs. Keep in mind your riding preferences and experience level when making the decision between a lightweight or heavier motorcycle.

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