12 Chinese Motorcycle Brands (W/ Images)

Motorcycles are an exciting endeavor, but they can cost a great deal of money, which is why many people have recently been heading to the Chinese motorcycle market. There are several models that are reliable, customizable, and cost very little.

There are controversies on whether they are too cheap to be worth the purchase, a betrayal of American motorcycle companies, or too much of environmental concern due to shipping, but good things don’t come without a price, and we have the scoop on whether Chinese motorcycles are worth the buy.

There are several reputable Chinese motorcycle companies that provide excellent worldwide service and parts distribution, including Lexmoto and Benelli, both of which provide motorcycles ranging in power, design style, and price point.

Some of the cheapest Chinese motorcycles that are worth the purchase can be bought for less than $4,000, while some of the most popular bikes including the Benelli NTN 600 can be purchased brand new for only $6,000.

This article dives into the world of Chinese motorcycles, and what you should now about the most popular brands before buying one.

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Chinese Motorcycle Brands

There have been many Chinese motorcycle companies that have come and gone over the years. The most successful companies have focused on creating comfortable motorcycles with high fuel economy in aesthetically pleasing designs that typically resemble American or Italian motorcycle models.


Originally a company founded in Italy, this company is now owned by Qianjiang, a successful Chinese motorcycle company, that has made the brand into China’s number one selling mid-sized motorcycle.


This popular motorcycle and scooter manufacturing company specializes in 125cc and 50cc street legal bikes that are designed for learners in mind, but they also carry larger and more powerful motorcycles and electric scooters.


This motorcycle and automobile manufacturing company was founded in China in 1992 and is a civilian owned operation. Besides motorcycles, they produce micro-vehicles, passenger cars, dirt bike engines, and commercial trucks.


China largest motorcycle manufacturing facility with over 18,000 employees. They specialize in motorcycles 250cc and less for the city market. They make these low displacement motorcycles accessible and affordable for the average city family.

5.Baotian Motorcycle Company

This Chinese manufacturing facility produces motorcycles and scooters that are becoming very popular in Finland.

6.Chang Jiang

This Chinese motorcycle company is known for its “BMW replicas” since its most popular model, the CJ750, was based on the 1956 Soviet IMZ M-72, which got its unique style from the 1938 BMW R71. Most models produced by this company have sidecar attachment options.

7.Evoke Motorcycles

Most known for the Urban S model, which is a naked street bike inspired by Italian motorcycle designs, this company has produced high end electric motorcycles since 2014.

8.Jinan Qingqi

This Chinese motorcycle and scooter manufacturer was founded in 1956 and has become one of the best-known brands in China but is virtually unknown outside the country.

9.Jincheng Suzuki

Jointly owned by the famous Japanese company Suzuki, this Chinese motorcycle and scooter manufacturing company began in 1994 and is now the number one exporter and foreign-currency earner in the Chinese motorcycle market.

10.Loncin Holdings

Distributed throughout the world, this company is well known for its motorcycle and ATVs produced under the brand names Longxin, Loncin, and Italika.

11.Qianjiang Motorcycle Group

Started in 1985, this company is now the number one manufacturer of 2-wheeled vehicles in China, partly because of their purchase of the Italian owned Benelli Motorcycle brand.

12.Yinxiang Motorcycle

This company was founded in 1997 by a large company that was involved in motorcycle sales, real estate, and general-purpose engine equipment.


In 1996 this company started manufacturing its first gasoline powered scooter, and now manufactures, electric and gas scooters, and motorcycles sold around the world.

Cheapest Chinese Motorcycles

Many Chinese motorcycles can be found very inexpensively compared to many of the most popular motorcycles on the market.

They may lack the luxury of the top of the line Italian and American motorcycle models, but they provide enough power and comfort for the average rider to use as a commuter bike or a fun toy.

The following are a few mid-powered Chinese motorcycles that can be purchased brand new for less than $4,000.

  • LEXMOTO ZsB 125 EURO 5 – Designed to be desired by the European market, this traditional and minimalistic bike has a 4-stroke engine, luggage rack, and large fuel tank for long trips – New for $2,499.96
  • LIFAN KP200 LF200-10B – Designed with a 4-stroke engine, this small Chinese sports bike provides power and maneuverability at a minimal price – New for $2,600
  • LIFAN 2020 KPM200 – This newly designed bike looks like a retro café racer and comes equipped with a 4-stroke, water-cooled engine, and an electric start. – New for $3,400
  • VT Cruizer 250cc Motorcycle – This 5-speed manual transmission motorcycle is full size and comes with smooth suspension, dual mufflers, and a powerful 4-stroke engine. – New for $3,200

Most popular Chinese Motorcycles

Benelli NTN 600 – This 4-cylinder 600cc bike feels, sounds, and looks more like a European bike than any other Chinese motorcycle, and the price is great at only $6,000.

Chang Jiang 650 – A well-known classic designed from Russian and German models, this powerful motorcycle is powered with a parallel twin motor and comes with the options for a sidecar.

CFMoto 650 TK – Designed after a popular Kawasaki bike, this widely distributed Chinese motorcycle comes with a lightweight frame, top of the line equipment, and for the comparably low price of around $7000 new.

Lexmoto LXR380 – This parallel-twin, four-stroke 378cc bike is cheaper and slower than other models, but its Supersport chassis doesn’t let you feel like you are underpowered for the size.

Benelli 752S – Another favorite from the Benelli line, this liquid-cooled, parallel-twin engine puts out 754cc of power with a manual transmission, LCD dashboard, and ABS.

Evoke Urban Classic – This infamously popular electric motorcycle has a sleek design, powerful 19000W engine that can go 80 Mph and over 130 miles on a full charge.

VOGE 300 RR – This lightweight Chinese motorcycle was inspired by the very successful Kawasaki Ninja 300 and KTM 390R motorcycles. Its four-stroke engine produced 29 horsepower and is known to be a great handling city motorcycle.

AJS Isaba 125 – This small Chinese motorcycle looks like a cross between a dirt bike and a café racer. It’s light weight, affordable, and costs minimal amount of money for fuel. It barely produced 11 horsepower, but its light weight and rideability makes up for its lack of power.

FB Mondial HPS-300 – Another Chinese motorcycle that resembles a retro café racer, this four-stroke engine produced 250cc of power. It is a motorcycle known across Europe for its affordability, durability, and high quality.

What is the best Chinese motorcycle brand to buy in America?


LexMoto is known to be one of the best Chinese motorcycle brands to buy outside of China because they are focused on providing great customer support through their extensive network of service centers and dealerships that are equipped to handle the complexities of working across international borders.

Their large distribution area helps them cut down on shipping costs, while increasing sustainability of their brand. They offer motorcycles in the naked, street, and urban varieties, as well as scooters, parts, and accessories.

LexMoto motorcycle parts and aftermarket support are easily available through their online MY LEXMOTO account system, which makes this a great brand to buy anywhere in the world.


Benelli motorcycles are popular in the states due to their design being based on high-quality Italian sport motorcycles, which have been known to be some of the best bikes in the world for many years.

This notoriety is sought after by many, which is why the Chinese Benelli motorcycles are so desired. They are also known for being inexpensive and easy to ride, all while providing surprisingly great performance. Their aftermarket parts and accessories are available at specialty dealers across the US.

There are several different brands of Chinese motorcycles that can be found in Powersports and specialty motorcycle dealers across the United States.

Beware that many of these brands may be inexpensive to purchase initially but may lead to high maintenance costs due to a lack of access to aftermarket parts and accessories. The following brands are the top Chinese motorcycles to buy in America, partly because they address these issues.

Are Chinese motorcycles worth buying?

Yes! The key to not being disappointed is to understand what you are buying. Many Chinese motorcycles are designed for city driving, with small frames and lower power, but their inexpensive price, comfortable ride, and durability can make up for its lack of performance power.

Be aware that many Chinese motorcycles are electric, which can run for long ranges, but are not as useful in long cross-country journeys.

Many Chinese motorcycles can provide you with excellent gas mileage, maneuverability, and enjoyment, but do the research before purchasing a specific model to increase your odds of being satisfied with your motorcycle purchase!


There is a lot of excitement around Chinese motorcycles right now, and we now understand the reason why! They are not meant to replace an American classic or become the next best bike on the market. Instead, small Chinese motorcycles are perfect for beginning riders and city living, while larger Chinese motorcycles are great for those on a budget.

Many brands including LEXMOTO, Lifan, and Benelli, along with their parts and accessories, are available at powersport dealers across the world. These substantial companies’ large distribution area allows for shorter shipping times, increasing sustainability and saving their customers money. 

Many Chinese motorcycles are inexpensive to buy because they are built for the city in mind, with great fuel economy, small frames, and less powerful engines, so many models may not be comfortable or time efficient on a cross-country ride. But there are high-powered Chinese motorcycles like the CFMOTO 650 that costs $7000 brand new, which is much less than the price tag that comes on the bikes that they are designed after!

We hope that we have helped you learn more about Chinese motorcycles and thank you for reading!

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