Kubota RTV x1100C: Common Problems & Specs

The Kubota RTV x1100C is the first utility vehicle the industry has seen with a factory-installed, climate-controlled cab. Users appreciate its versatility for farming, snow plowing, and various construction projects. However, like similar utility vehicles, the Kubota RTV xx110C brings along several issues.  

Common problems with the Kubota RTV x1100C include loader issues, engine problems, transmission issues, starting problems, issues with the floor mats, and problems with the drive shaft. While some problems are avoidable, others come standard with the RTV. 

If you currently own a Kubota RTV x1100C or it’s on your radar, it’s wise to understand potential problems you might run into. Continue reading to learn more about common issues and past recalls to educate yourself about the Kubota RTV x1100C.

What is a Kubota RTV x1100C?

The Kubota RTV x1100C is a 4-wheel drive rugged terrain vehicle (RTV) that comes equipped with a defroster, air conditioning, heating, roll-down windows, split-bench seats, digital meter cluster, and a locking rear differential to avoid excessive wheel spin. 

Simply put, if you want a luxurious RTV, Kubota has made it for you. The RTV can hold two passengers with cargo space in the back and under-the-seat storage compartments. 

 In addition, you can attach various types of equipment in the front, ideal for snow plowing, farming, and construction work. 

However, despite being a 4-wheel, it doesn’t operate like one and has its share of problems. For instance, the RTV lacks in power, especially when going over rough terrain or uphill. Also, it isn’t a vehicle for off-roading or overcoming challenging obstacles. 

Finally, the Kubota RTV x1100C has a top speed of 25 mph, but if you need a little extra speed, the RTV X1120D can reach 29 mph. 

Who Makes the Kubota RTV x1100C?

Kubota was first introduced in 1969 when it released its first tractor in the United States. The company released the Kubota HP L200 to help fill the American void for a sub-compact tractor. 

In 1972, the Kubota Tractor Corporation (KTC) was formed as it continued to expand its US market. After 50 years, the company still produces various equipment, including utility vehicles, construction equipment, agriculture tractors, hay equipment, and lawnmowers. 

Kubota supports a network of 1,100 authorized dealerships and has several worldwide affiliates, including KTAC Insurance, Kubota Canada Ltd, and Kubota Credit Corp. 

The KTC headquarters are situated in Grapevine, TX, with warehouses in California, Texas, Ohio, and Georgia, with their newest distribution center in Edgerton, Kansas. 

Kubota RTV x1100C Specifications 

Engine Kubota D1105 3-cylinder diesel
Transmission Variable Hydro (VHT-X)
Brakes Wet-Disc 
Maximum Traveling Speed 25 mph 
Front Suspension Independent, Dual A-arms with adjustable spring preload
Rear Suspension Independent with coil over shock
Length 122.5 Inches
Width65.4 Inches
Height82.3 Inches
Ground Clearance10.5 – 11 inches 
Weight 2,370 lbs 
Horsepower 24.8
Maximum Payload Capacity 1629 lb
Maximum Towing Capacity 1300 lb 
Fuel Tank Capacity 7.9 gallons 

Common Problems with the Kubota RTV x1100C

Problems with the Kubota RTV x1100C vary between starter issues, problems lifting cargo, and transmission problems. Understanding these common problems can help you prepare for the situation if the need arises. 

1. Loader Issues

The RTV x1100C lacks the power to make it strong at lifting. While the tractor does a decent job lifting on straight or flat ground, you’ll run into problems if you attempt to lift on the side of a hill. 

However, if you require a tractor to lift something uphill, you can boost the horsepower by purchasing a supercharger kit. 

2. Engine Problems

While the RTV x110C has decent horsepower, it is still not robust enough to travel uphill or through the sand. You’ll even notice the lack of power even at full throttle. 

While you can install a supercharger kit, similar to the loader issues, to upgrade the horsepower, you should consider the lower power in the model before purchasing. For example, this tractor is excellent if you use it on flat ground only. 

3. Transmission Issue

The Kubota RTV x1100C is known for having a weak transmission, despite it being a 4-wheel tractor. Unfortunately, you’ll likely have difficulty getting out if you get stuck in mud or snow. In addition, the RTV can struggle with going uphill. 

Since nothing can be done to alter the transmission on the Kubota RTV x1100C, your best bet is to contact the company directly to see if they can help better address the issues. 

  1. Starting Problems 

Users have complained that the RTV often has trouble starting, and even if it does start, it only stays on for 5-10 minutes. Typically, if you have starting problems, you likely have debris and dirt built up inside your fuel system. 

You should start by checking the filters, injectors, and pumps and clean them if needed. In addition, if you aren’t using the correct fuel or it’s not fresh, you’ll have trouble starting your vehicle. 

To avoid this issue, ensure the fuel hasn’t been sitting and that it is the correct type of your vehicle. 

  1. Issues with Floor Mats

Kubota was forced to recall 49,000 models due to defective floor mats. The floor mats on the Kubota RTV x1100C easily warped and interfered with the throttle pedal. Due to the defect, many accidents were reported, forcing Kubota to call back the defective units. 

However, not every RTV faces this issue, but if your floor mats appear defective, it’s best to contact Kubota directly. 

  1. Problems with the Drive Shaft 

The drive shaft on the RTV can easily come loose, causing a rattling sound while in use. Unfortunately, the issue is very common, and Kubota alerted dealers of the problem. The issue arises when the U-joint connecting the transmission is faulty. 

Since the transmission doesn’t perform well anyway, this issue will cause it not to work correctly. You should contact Kubota if you have issues with the drive shaft because they replace the part depending on your vehicle’s age. 

Kubota RTV x1100C Recalls 

As mentioned, the Kubota RTV x1100C experienced recalls due to faulty floor mats. The recall included models built between 2013 and 2021, with some including a “C” at the end. 

In addition, serial numbers of the units range between 10001 and 67546 and were sold between April 2013 and September 2021. Affected consumers were instructed to discontinue use and contact an authorized Kubota dealer. 


The Kubota RTV x1100cc comes with its set of problems, like many similar vehicles on the market. However, it is an excellent choice if you are looking for an RTV that performs well on flat and straight ground

Remember to keep the fuel fresh and ensure it’s the correct type to avoid starter issues. In addition, while the horsepower is weak to some, you can purchase a supercharger kit to help boost its power. 
Also, ensure you keep the vehicle clean and remove dirt and debris to keep it operating correctly. But, with proper maintenance and an understanding of its abilities, the Kubota RTV x1100cc is an excellent choice for buyers.

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