How Long Do Trucks Last? [Average Lifespan + Tips]

Trucks are some of the most durable and long-lasting vehicles that you can buy. You might be wondering, exactly how long do trucks last?

This is a common question that most people have when considering the purchase of a new truck. Like any car, your truck has a lifespan that you can tailor your longevity expectations to.

On average, you can expect your new or used truck to last between 150,000 miles to upwards of 225,000 miles, with proper routine maintenance. This translates to a 10 to 15-year life expectancy for the average modern new or used truck. By design, trucks are extremely durable, which allows them a very long life expectancy, making them good for someone who wants a vehicle that was built to last.

Since trucks are built to handle heavy loads or rough terrain, it is only natural that they are tough.

That being said, there are many different factors involved in determining the life expectancy of your truck. This guide will help you break down these factors, so you can accurately estimate how long your truck will last.

Chevrolet pickup truck

How Long Do Trucks Last On Average?

You can expect a modern new or used truck to last around 150,000 miles to upwards of 225,000 miles.

It is not unheard of for a well-maintained truck to exceed these numbers. You have no doubt seen trucks on the road that have been operational for over 15 years. The average lifespan of a truck in years is 10 to 15 years.

Ultimately, the life expectancy of your truck is determined by many different factors. The most important of these are routine maintenance which ensures that your vehicle is always running in optimal condition.

How Long Do Trucks Last In Years?

The average modern truck lasts between 10 to 15 years. This is why you will often see older make and model trucks still operational on the road.

To reach upwards of a 15-year lifespan for your truck, it will be required to be extremely diligent with routine maintenance and care. The make and model of your vehicle can also play a part in determining the number of years you get out of your truck.

The table below lists some of the most popular truck brands and their expected life expectancy in years.

All life expectancy data reflects vehicles that have been maintained properly. If you have not been keeping up with routine maintenance, your truck could have a life expectancy that is much shorter than those represented here.

Vehicle MakeAverage Life Expectancy in Years

How Long Do Trucks Last In Miles?

On average, you can expect to get between 150,000 to 225,000 miles out of a modern truck.

It is not uncommon for trucks that have been well maintained to exceed these numbers. The overall life expectancy of your truck will vary on the level of care that it has received over the years.

The table below lists some of the most popular truck brands and their average life expectancy in miles. Again, all of these numbers represent vehicles that have been properly maintained.

You will find that if you have not been diligent with your repairs and maintenance, you will have trouble reaching some of the higher life expectancies for your truck.

Vehicle MakeAvg. Life Expectancy in Miles

How Long Do Trucks Last By Model?

Once you have decided on a brand of truck, commonly known as the make, you will then have some choices of the model that can further affect the overall longevity of your truck.

The Ford F-150 has the highest life expectancy by miles. While GMC sierra has the least life expectancy by years.

The table below lists some of the most popular truck makes and models and their life expectancy in miles and years.

Vehicle Make and ModelAvg. Life Expectancy in YearsAvg. Life Expectancy in Miles
Toyota Tundra15219,000
Chevrolet Silverado13217,000
Ram Heavy Duty14214,000
GMC Sierra 150012191,000
Nissan Frontier12196,000
Honda Ridgeline13204,000
Ford F-15015227,000

How Long Do Diesel Trucks Last?

The average modern diesel truck can potentially double the lifespan of a standard gas-powered truck. You can expect to get an average of 495,000 miles out of a diesel truck that has been well maintained.

This translates to an estimated 20-year life expectancy for modern diesel trucks. This can be a very tempting prospect to consider when deciding between a standard gas or diesel truck.

Keep in mind that diesel trucks typically incur higher maintenance costs than standard trucks. You will also be limited to only fueling stations that offer diesel gas.

ford pickup truck

How Long Do V6 Trucks Last?

You can expect to get anywhere between 130,00 to 205,000 miles out of the average V6 truck.

The actual life expectancy of your vehicle depends largely on the make and model and the level of care that it received over the years.

All of the vehicles mentioned in this guide contain V6 engines, so you can use those tables to help estimate the lifespan of your truck.

Do Trucks Last Longer Than Cars?

The overall life expectancy of any vehicle is heavily dependent on the level of care received over the years. That being said, when comparing the average truck and car life expectancy, the truck usually outshines most cars.

You can expect a car to last up to 155,000 to 190,000 miles, though mileage beyond this range is considered high mileage. This does not differ too substantially from the average expected life expectancy of modern trucks.

A truck will have a noticeable advantage over cars as they approach 200,000 miles. A truck is much more likely to function normally at high mileage, due to the design and nature of trucks.

They are designed for longevity and extensive hauling, so they will likely be able to handle the high mileage much better than a car would.

This could lead to getting more mileage and years out of your vehicle after passing the 200,000 miles mark.

What Is High Mileage For A Truck?

Since trucks are capable of lasting upwards of 300,000 miles in some instances, the threshold for high milage is much more compared to the average car.

While cars can be considered high mileage anywhere after 150,000 miles, trucks can safely consider themselves below the high-mileage threshold till they hit around 215,000 miles.

Once you start to approach 300,000 miles, you can expect your truck to reach the end of its lifespan soon. Even the most well-built trucks have their limits.

High Mileage pickup truck

Are 200,000 Miles Too Much For A Truck?

If you are buying a used truck, you might think 200,000 miles is too much to have already accrued on the vehicle. This is a valid concern, as the life expectancy of the vehicle might not be worth the purchase price.

Generally, you do not want to buy a used truck that has more than 155,000 miles on it. This ensures that you have several years before you start to approach the high-mileage threshold of 215,000 miles.

If your truck currently has 200,000 miles on it, if you have provided the proper care and maintenance, it could last you several more years.

What Truck Has The Longest Life Expectancy?

The table below lists many of the popular truck brands and the percentage rate at which they surpassed 200,000 miles.

Vehicle Make and Model% That Reached 200k Miles
Toyota Tundra2.9
Chevrolet Silverado2.5
Ram Heavy Duty4.8
GMC Sierra 15001.9
Nissan Frontier2.0
Honda Ridgeline4.3
Ford F-1503.0

How You Can Extend The Life Expectancy of Your Truck

There are some simple ways that you can ensure that you get the longest use out of your truck as possible.

It is highly advised that you adopt some of these practices, especially if getting the most out of your vehicle is important to you. These included the suggestions listed below:

  1. Do your research before purchasing a truck, to ensure that it has a reputation for longevity.
  2. Drive carefully to avoid any potential damage to your vehicle.
  3. Maintain the proper levels for all of your truck’s fluids.
  4. Start a maintenance routine and stick to it.
  5. Recognize the signs of problems with your truck and address them promptly.
  6. Only buy quality parts that are made specifically for your vehicle.
  7. Utilize professional mechanics over DIY solutions.

Establish a Cleaning Routine

The truck needs to be cleaned regularly. The interior and exterior need to be maintained well. If you or members of your staff can not do the job, then get it professionally cleaned regularly.

Should you choose to clean the truck yourself, ensure, you have all the cleaning products and equipment including a vacuum cleaner, car shampoo among others.

Truck Inspection

You don’t need to wait until when your truck is being serviced to be inspected.

Have a daily or weekly routine of checking major areas of concern in your truck including the truck’s tires and the engine. Also, watch out for strange noises from your truck.

Maintain your truck’s engine in good working condition, and keep checking on all the fluids that can run out. The engine needs to stay lubricated at all times.

Also, ensure that the truck’s tires always have the recommended air pressure. In addition, replace worn-out tires as soon as they are un-roadworthy.

The alternator also needs to be inspected regularly in addition to the truck’s battery. Replace them if they get too old and are unable to sustain a charge.

Also, the truck’s lighting system needs to be maintained in good working order. Ensure that every bulb is replaced as soon as it blows. Lights are a safety feature and should never be neglected.

Other critical areas to be inspected regularly include the truck’s brake system, oil and air filters, spark plugs and suspension system.

Truck Warranty Period

A new truck usually comes with a warranty from the manufacturer. Most trucks come with a two-year, 250,000-mile warranty.

It is important to understand the warranty. Read the warranty before signing it so that you know your warranty coverage.

Extending the Warranty

When your initial warranty expires (which is usually 2years), it is crucial to extend the warranty.

Do this by buying a new warranty for your vehicle from a warranty dealer. Most trucks can get an extension of between 4-5years with a 500,000-mile warranty.

Final Thoughts

This guide has broken down in detail many of the common questions that people have concerning truck mileage and life expectancy.

Keep in mind that all of the data in this guide has been accumulated using trucks that were well maintained, ensuring that they can achieve the maximum lifespan.

Using the information provided here, you can now make an informed and smart decision if you are currently planning on purchasing a truck.

You can also accurately assess where your truck currently falls in its expected lifespan.

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